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So, why use Desklance System?

In short, your customers will be happier because they will be better taken care of. Customer support is key to any business especially in ultra-competitive markets such as the Internet. With Desklance System you can provide your customers with the support they need, without increasing their costs. Unlike competing products which require yearly license fees to be paid for inferior features, we provide true enterprise technology with the features that large corporations need, and small businesses want.

No other market Desklance can provide the technical support features that Desklance solutions can. Our product allows you to create literally thousands of departments, each with many thousands of technicians. In addition, our system has integrated features to help manage tickets for you. We even can provide a custom auto reply for each dept. of your company!

There are many advantages to choosing Desklance System as your customer support solution. Here are a few of them:

Key Advantages of Desklance System

Unlike many solutions similar to Desklance System, using our system does not require your customers to create yet another account.

Desklance System is powerful, fast and secure. You will never have to wait for a page to load. Refreshing the database takes seconds, not minutes or hours.

Customers can attach files to their tickets.

Customer support surveys. Only Desklance System has this amazing feature. This lets you get real, anonymous feedback from your customers via an easy to use web based form. Learn what they think of your service, quickly and effectively.

Customers can submit tickets via E-mail, or through the actual Desklance. Customers can also reply to ticket notification E-mails.

Many, many more advantages. Check out our Features Information Listing for more features and advantages!

How we stack up...

We are absolutely positive that with the advantages above, the extensive list of features found on our features information page, and our product to product comparison you will see that our software provides the absolute best value in technology. Put shortly, we give you the most bang for your buck!

Desklance Key Features :

  • Powerful and easy to use administration panel.
  • Secure data storage technology to protect privacy.
  • Unlimited technicians can attend to any given task, or dept.
  • Support for multiple departments in your company.
  • Interdepartmental movement of tickets.
  • Ultra-fast, ultra-stable technological architecture to guarantee up time.
  • Can handle tens of thousands of tickets at any given moment!
  • Variable inclusion in replies.
  • Detailed Tickets Statistics administration.
  • Admin can view all tech-customer conversations and add comments.
  • Tickets can be placed on hold, activated or closed.
  • When a ticket is closed, the customer is not able to reply.
  • Fully web based control panel.
  • POP3 and .forward E-mail ticket grabbing.
  • Advanced knowledge-base system. Categories, & questions.
  • Built in technical support system so you can get help fast from us!
  • Flood Controlling system.
  • POP Server management system.
  • Help Files Upload and Download manager.

Desklance Latest News

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  • Desklance is a feature packed web operaresponse logging it is an ideal Support r for those who want to . Desklance is a feature packed web operaresponse logging it is an ideal Support r for those who want to .